Apex Legends Mobile Pre-Registration Is Available Now
Apex Legends Mobile will also have its own exclusive content.
Halo Infinite Anti-Cheat Update: In-Game Player-Reporting Feature Is Coming
343 reveals its anti-cheat system and talks about how it hopes to grow and improve it over time to weed out bad actors.
Elden Ring Mod Finally Adds Thomas The Tank Engine
More like Thomas the Tarnished Engine, am I right?
Guilty Gear Strive's Next Playable Character Is Testament
Testament is the final character included in Guilty Gear Strive's Season 1 Pass, but more are coming in the game's Season 2.
GoldenEye Video Game Trademark Renewed Amid Remaster Rumors
2022 is the 60th anniversary of the Bond series, and fans have been told to "watch out for announcements."
Faster Load Times Are Now Possible For Windows PC Games, Sort Of
DirectStorage is finally coming to Windows PCs, but it may not be in practice for a while yet.
[email protected] Showcase: The Biggest Games And Announcements
Tunic, Wrestle Quest, and lots of games coming to Game Pass.
Review Round-Up For Tunic
Tunic is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, and comes included in a subscription to Xbox Game Pass.
This Guilty Gear Strive Modder Is Adding Fully Realised Characters To The Game
Here's what it would look like if you could play Goku in Guilty Gear Strive--with his Dragon Ball FighterZ moveset.
CoD: Black Ops Cold War's Previously Delayed WMD Map Arrives With Changes
A March 17 update has added the remastered WMD map to Black Ops Cold War.
Nintendo Switch Online Adds 3 More Genesis Games
Alien Solider, Super Fantasy Zone, and Light Crusader are now available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members.
Grab 10 PC Racing Games For Just $5 For A Limited Time
Fanatical's latest deal lets you build your own bundle from a catalog of 18 racing games.
PlayStation Responds To Allegations Of Sexism
Sony says it values its female employees and is taking the allegations from 8 employees seriously.
Street Fighter V Definitive Update Coming On March 29
The next big update for Street Fighter V provides more balance tweaks and an attractively retro pixel mode filter.
Elden Ring Caelid Guide: Important Locations, Bosses, Dangers, and Secrets
Exploring the blighted lands of Caelid is both arduous and rewarding.
Hogwarts Legacy Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
With little fanfare, the big new Harry Potter game has been announced for Nintendo's console.